What are our product types?

Export to Four Continents.

Zipmak Packing manufactures and exports packaging through four continents, from Europe to the Middle East and from Asia to America. With its strong production network and infrastructure, it is the indispensable business partner of many international and domestic brands in high-volume manufacturing.

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • America
  • Middle East countries

Zipmak Packaging

Our Product Categories

You can use the buttons to make an order and provide more information by checking the product categories that we produce and export within our Zimbak packaging organization.

Coffee Package

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Nuts Package

Click to see nuts package of Doypack Packaging Products

Spice Packaging

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Textile Packaging

Click to see textile package of Doypack Packaging Products

Cosmetic Packaging

Click to see cosmetic package of Doypack Packaging Products

Pet-Food Packaging

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Pioneer and innovative in the packaging industry,Zimpak Packaging

We are proud of being one of the leading companies in this sector, and with our high-volume exports to the all over the world, we have been developing our product concept. We continue to spread through different continents. We are happy to be a versatile solution partner for our customers with our strong manufacturing infrastructure and high performance in multi-unit production.

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We offer the right products and services to our customers with the best price and on time delivery.

Reform Brand

We offer the quality service offered to our customers from our main company under the name of Reform, to our customers at the same level as the brand derived from Zimpak Reform

Continius İmprovement

Since we live in the age of development and technology, we have to keep up with the times. Therefore, we are constantly improving ourselves to stay in the competitiveness area and to provide the best service to our precious customers like you.

Our Zipmak Business Partners

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