Zipmak Doypack Packaging

Continuous service, continuous quality

From Turkey to the world,

Zipmak Doypack provides professional and versatile service to many companies in the packaging sector, not only within the country but also abroad.

Strong Production Network

With its strong and professional team, Zipmak can produce large quantities with its high-volume production network.



From Europe to Asia, from Asia to Africa and to the Middle East, we are actively manufacturing goods for totally four continents.

Based on our experience in the packaging industry, we established our packaging company under the name of “Zimpak” in the packaging industry for the production of food bags, as a company with a strong team and high production volume that provides comprehensive services to our customers regarding packaging. Our packaging and filling machine production facility was established in 2003.

Zimpak Packaging (Doypack, Quadro, Vakum and etc. ) is engaged in the production of food packaging with or without zip. At the same time, we continue to contribute our business partners by following improvements and different packaging groups closely.

Zimpak Packaging

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