Our Address

Visit our office located in Istanbul.

Ortamahalle, Abdi İpekçi Cd. No:21
34030 Bayrampaşa/İstanbul


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the order process work?

First of all, which product will be packaged is determined. Packaging material and material thickness are selected according to the product. Then, the package shape and its design are selected. Right after, the printing process starts, the packaging material that comes out of printing goes into the cutting process. After the cutting process is done, it is optionally packed and delivered.

How can we create an order?

Please contact us through our communication channels.  Our sales department personnel will ask you for information about the package and take the necessary actions. According to the information given by the customers, the offer is prepared and presented to the customer. After the offer is approved, the order process starts.

How does shipping and product delivery take place?

After the product manufacturing process is finished, the products are given to the cargo according to the delivery point or customers can visit and receive it from our company.

Do you export your products?

Yes, we do export transactions worldwide.

Do you print high-volume products?

Yes, we do. Bobbin printing with a maximum width of 1200 mm is available.